100x faster machine learning with better confidence
Perpetual ML empowers businesses with Perpetual Learning, a revolutionary technology that accelerates model training by more than 100x through the elimination of the time-consuming hyperparameter optimization step. This breakthrough opens doors to limitless possibilities for applications across diverse industries.
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100x Faster

Perpetual Learning is 100x faster at initial training thanks to its built-in regularization algorithm which eliminates hyperparameter optimization step.

Continual Learning

More speed-up by continuously training your models where you left off without having to start from scratch at each new batch of data.

More Confident Decisions

Better confidence intervals with built-in state-of-the-art Conformal Prediction algorithms compared to plain implementations.

Learn Geography Better

Learn better and more natural decision boundaries for your geographic data.

Model Monitoring

You don't need another tool to monitor your models or you are not limited by average metrics. Monitor models and detect distribution shift with confidence.

ML Tasks

Suitable for tabular classification, regression, time series, learning to rank tasks and text classification by using embeddings.


You are not locked into a single ecosystem. It is portable to Python, C, C++, R, Java, Scala, Swift, Julia thanks to all built-in features and its Rust backend.

Effortless Parallelism

Achieve superior computational performance and resource efficiency, propel your research and applications to new heights.

No specialized hardware

You no longer need any specialized hardware like GPU or TPU. Leverage your current hardware and software, eliminate complexity, save time and money.

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